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A better way to filter fuel. Donaldson filters help prevent premature injector and pump wear by delivering clean fuel to your engine. Donaldson manufactures fuel filters for diesel engines that meet or exceed your application requirements.


Fuel Filters
Donaldson provides fuel filtration solutions that protect engine components and extend equipment life.
Donaldson Blue Filters for Cummins®​ ISX Engines
Delivers the cleanest fuel to your injectors, pumps and engines
Donaldson Blue Filters for Cummins® QSK Engines
4x cleaner fuel than the best competitive filter!
Cummins ® ISX Engines
Complete and reliable engine liquid filtration coverage for Cummins ISX engines
Twist&Drain™ Filter Kits
All the components needed to change over to a Twist&Drain™ fuel water separating system.
Racor® Fuel Systems
Twist&Drain™ filters with threaded sensor ports work with existing WIF sensors. Clear bowl available.
DAVCO® Fuel Pro® 380/382/482 Fuel Processors
Reliable fuel cartridges with Synteq™ media technology for on-road applications.
Detroit™ DD13 / DD15 / DD16 Engines
Complete liquid filtration coverage for Detroit DD engines (2010 models and newer)
Stanadyne® Fuel Manager® FM100 Fuel Systems
Universal interface allows one part to fit multiple applications.
Cummins® Engines
Twist&Drain™ filters with integrated WIF sensors eliminate the complicated task of removing water.
Filter Kits
Pre-assembled kits for specific vehicles or engines make servicing, storing and ordering easy.
Cummins® is registered trademark of Cummins Inc. Racor® is a registered trademark of Parker Hannifin Corporation. Stanadyne® and Fuel Manager® are registered trademarks of Stanadyne Corporation. DACVO®, Fuel Pro® and EleMax® are registered trademarks of DAVCO Technology, LLC.