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Donaldson delivers reliable products that protect engines and equipment, personalized service by our own filtration experts and world-class distributors and delivery options that are tough for the competition to match.
Bulk Fuel and Lube Filtration
Reduce contamination with bulk fluid filtration.

FEATURED products for OEM

TopSpin™ HD Pre-Cleaners

Built as Tough as Your Equipment

Rugged pre-cleaners built
for punishing conditions
PowerCore® PCD Air Cleaner

Big performance in a Small Package

Single-stage air filtration
for light dust conditions
PSD14 PowerCore® Air Cleaner

New Larger Air Cleaner Size

With a built-in pre-cleaner
for greater airflow requirements
Ultra-Web® Air Filters

More Than 50 New Filters Available

Long life filters to reduce cost and increase equipment uptime
Stanadyne® Fuel Manager®

FM100 Fuel Systems

Universal interface allows one part to fit multiple applications
Air Filter

Part Number: D100030

Donaldson PSD10
Air Cleaner Assembly, PowerCore®
Lube Head

Part Number: P561134

Adapts P555680 Lube Filter
Lube Head Assembly
Fuel Head

Part Number: P560382

Adapts P551039 Fuel Filter
Fuel Head Assembly
Hydraulic Head

Part Number: P167529

SAE-12 O-Ring 3-Port Bypass
Hydraulic Head Assembly
Air Filter

Part Number: B080080

Donaldson XRB08
Air Cleaner Assembly
Lube Filter

Part Number: P555680

Fits P561134 Remote Mount Head
Lube Spin-on
Fuel Filter

Part Number: P551039

Fits P561134 Remote Mount Head
Fuel Water Separator Spin-on,
Hydraulic Filter

Part Number: P164378

Fits P561134 Remote Mount Head
Hydraulic Spin-on, Duramax®
Original Equipment Manufacturers INDUSTRY ASSOCIATIONS
Shoptalk Tech-Tips
Performance under any pressure — Donaldson delivers a full line of hydraulic and transmission filters.